We, at Rokaboat, are thrilled that our innovative approach to transformation will now be shared with numerous executives, managers, professionals and career seekers that turn to McGill-SCS looking for the most innovative, practical and cutting-edge ways to tackle the complex challenges of today’s business world.

Rokaboat’s Continuous Transformation model provides full visibility and lean control on all the moving parts of transformation from Strategy to Execution and Value realization.

The model was reverse-engineered from the root causes of transformation failures based on tested frameworks, designed to meet today’s challenges.

One of the many capabilities that the model offers is the ability to show fact-based organizational progress with every dollar spent in transformation regardless of the size of initiative.

For Leaders: If you are an organizational leader, and you believe that you have spent much more than you should on your transformation, you are probably right, and the Continuous Transformation session is designed to show what are the elements to look at and how to keep measuring success vs expenditure in new and innovative ways.

For Initiative Owners: If you are a transformation stakeholder, and you do not have enough visibility on the value realized by the project teams while the project has been announced a success at the same time, this session is designed for you.

For HR executives and professionals: If you are in HR and want to know more about how to identify and manage all kinds of resistors in a transformation at all levels of seniority including the executive levels, then this session is for you.

For Managers: If you are a transformation manager, and you believe that efforts are not being exerted on the RIGHT things, you are right, and this session will help provide some of the how-to’s to ensure that teams are always working on the RIGHT things.

For Business Transformation Professionals: If you are a transformation expert and would like to be familiarized with innovative ways in executing transformations and how all the organizational pieces work together from Strategy to Value Realization, then this session is for you.

For Digital Transformation Professionals: If you are frustrated why many of the digital transformations fail and have an interest in seeing the many building blocks that constitute a digital transformation then this session is for you.

For Operational Continuous Improvement Professionals: If you feel that the traditional continuous improvement ways are not that efficient in providing value and support to your organization, then this session will show how to gain an advantage by switching the lean thinking from being reactive to proactive.