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Happy Customers

The Blockchain session was engaging and informative. I left feeling like I understand Blockchain 1000% better than I did. Thank you so much!!

Business Continuity Manager | Enterprise Business Continuity Management


I enjoyed the Blockchain session very much. It was engaging and thought provoking.  It was very interesting, informative and easy to follow along.  The slides were great as well. I really enjoyed it.

Sr. Relationship Manager - Enterprise Business Continuity Mgt. | Enterprise Crisis, Continuity & Incident Mgt. | Corporate Security


The Blockchain session given by Mike Merdinian was the clearest explanation I have ever heard. In addition to his easy-to-follow slide presentation, Mike was an engaging speaker and was able to answer questions readily

Relationship Manager - Global Security Services, Business Continuity Management Unit


CPA tweeted on their official global account: Mike Merdinian, Founder of Rokaboat, breaks down Blockchain for our Commonwealth Parliamentarians. Excited to be learning about this cutting-edge technology being used by Governments across the world, including many Commonwealth countries

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Secretary

Mike, you really have a natural ability to explain difficult topics such as Blockchain in a very organized way. Your content was relevant and your format was visually interesting and easy to follow and understand. Great job!

Directrice Principale, Continuité des affaires - Gestion intégrée des risques

Blockchain has always been a fuzzy concept for me – impossible to implement in my daily activities. However, as a result of Mike’s skills as a presenter and his pedagogy, I was finally able to see the potential and practical applications in my day-to-day.

Chief Advisor, Business Continuity

Le comité de gestion de TV5 Québec Canada a été sérieusement impressionné par le contenu de haute qualité sur les enjeux et opportunités que représente le Blockchain dans notre industrie. Mike de Rokaboat est un présentateur et vulgarisateur de premier plan qui maîtrise parfaitement bien son contenu. Nous lui donnons un A+.

Directeur Principal, Production et Technologies

Mike’s unbridled enthusiasm in explaining blockchain to my students was amazing. His use of current-day scenarios and applications where blockchain will one day be the prevalent transaction process really hit home, nobody walked away unaffected.

Faculty Lecturer & Program Director - Supply Chain & Aviation Leadership

I want to extend my thanks to you as I really enjoyed your session!

Director, Symcor Business Continuity Management

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